• 06 MAY 16


    It is estimated that up to 10 percent of the population have microdontia, an tooth abnormality in which teeth are smaller in size and often not the same length or width as other teeth in the same mouth. Microdontia Treatment in Kansas CityDr. Brown has treated numerous patients who have microdontia.

    To treat microdontia, Dr. Brown uses composite veneers to build up a person’s teeth so that they resemble normal-size teeth. In most cases, repair microdontia doesn’t require invasive procedures, such as grinding down teeth. Composite veneers are strong and provide long-lasting results.

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  • Jaw Pain: Dr. Brown has advanced training to help patients alleviate jaw pain and soreness. In many cases, a simple fix — a NTI mouthguard —can significantly reduce pain, grinding and sleep disruption.

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