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    Jaw Pain, TMJ and Soreness

    Jaw Pain Kansas Dentist TreatmentDo you have jaw pain? Do you grind your teeth? Does your mouth feel sore in the morning? Or maybe your spouse nudges you at night when you clinch your teeth? TMJ can also cause vertigo.

    Dr. Brown at North Kansas City Cosmetic & Family Dental Care can help with effective TMJ treatment options. 

    Dr. Brown has years of experience and advanced training to treat Temporomandibular Joint Disorders, known as TMJ or TMD. Typically, TMJ and TMD is caused by bruxism, which is excessive grinding or clenching of your teeth.

    Bruxism either occurs at night or during the day. You may not realize that you are grinding your teeth, other than the pain you feel in your jaw. Extensive grinding can flatten your teeth over time, so it is very important to see Dr. Brown if you notice excessive jaw pain, tightness or tension. You might have TMJ or TMD.

    Don’t worry, though, because TMJ and TMD are very treatable, and Dr. Brown can help you in no time. Dr. Brown can build you a splint for your mouth, called an NTI, that relaxes your jaw muscle, relieves tension and prevents your teeth from grinding. It’s extremely effective. It’s a small splint that rests between your front teeth.

    If you have more serious TMD and TMJ issues, Dr. Brown can craft an advanced night guard that stops the grinding and clenching in its tracks. And in other cases, Dr. Brown can provide tips and techniques to stop you from grinding or clenching your teeth — and relieve you of TMJ discomfort and jaw pain.

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  • Jaw Pain: Dr. Brown has advanced training to help patients alleviate jaw pain and soreness. In many cases, a simple fix — a NTI mouthguard —can significantly reduce pain, grinding and sleep disruption.

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