• 06 MAY 16

    Teeth Whitening in Kansas City

    Beautiful Teeth in Kansas City

    The way our teeth look matter a lot. They give us confidence. And nothing kills confidence like yellow teeth and enamel. Dr. Brown offers proven teeth whitening procedures at his North Kansas City dental office that can transform yellow or non-white teeth to their original sparkle. 

    Dr. Brown offers proven teeth whitening procedures to restore yellow or non-white teeth to their original sparkle.

    Peroxide Teeth Bleaching

    At North Kansas City Family and Cosmetic Dental Care, Dr. Brown will provide you with custom clear trays that fit your teeth perfectly and will hold a prescription-strength peroxide gel that whitens teeth to a beautiful shine. It is hassle-free. With the custom trays, you will not have to come back in for whitening procedures like you would if you choose other teeth bleaching techniques. You control when you whiten your teeth.

    Problems With Other Whitening Procedures

    Nowadays, dentists bombard customers with the gimmicks, advertisements and other “promises” about procedures that whiten your teeth. What they don’t tell you is that some of the new procedures aren’t very effective. It’s just marketing and it’s very expensive.

    Experience With Teeth Whitening

    Dr. Brown has been offering teeth whitening services for years and only offers techniques that work. His whitening approach non-invasive, quick and guaranteed to transform your teeth to pearly white. And you don’t have to give up drinking coffee, iced tea or other beverages that stain your teeth.

    So, skip the teeth-whitening gimmicks and call Dr. Brown today at 816-221-2153 — and get ready to show off your white teeth!

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