North Kansas City Dentist: Dr. Brown’s Office During the Coronavirus Quarantine.

Dr. William L. Brown and his staff atDr. William L. Brown, a dentist in North Kansas City, Mo. North Kansas City Family & Cosmetic Dental Care share everyone’s concerns about the coronavirus pandemic that has suddenly halted our everyday lives.

The American Dental Association has recommended that dentists postpone all elective procedures for patients. The association asks that dentists continue to treat patients who have emergency dental needs.

Dr. Brown is following the American Dental Association’s recommendations and is not currently seeing patients for regular visits.

But if an emergency does come up during this time, Dr. Brown will be receiving calls and making referrals to specialists. He can also call in prescriptions as necessary. Our dental office number in North Kansas City is 816-221-2153.

Types of Urgent Dental Treatments

The A.D.A. has defined the kinds of emergency dental issues. They include:

• Severe dental pain
• Third-molar pain
• Abscess or localized bacterial infection causing pain or swelling
• Tooth fracture
• Gum trauma
• Dental trauma

Dr. Brown is committed to treating patients during this chaotic time who have emergency dental problems and need immediate care.

Safety Precautions We’re Taking

Dr. Brown and his staff have taken thorough and meticulous care to deeply clean our dental office in North Kansas City and implement new safety procedures to keep our patients and staff safe.

In addition, we have temporarily removed seating from our waiting room to make sure that patients who do come to our North Kansas City office can maintain proper social distancing. We have extra patient rooms that you will wait in until Dr. Brown can see you.

Dr. Brown is committed to keeping our patients safe while also treating any emergency needs that might arise during this time.

Please call us at 816-221-2153 if you have emergency dental needs.