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    What Is the Best Toothpaste?

    North Kansas City Dentist Dr. William Brown will help you find the best toothpaste.To find the best toothpaste during a visit to your local pharmacy or grocery store can be overwhelming. Every box of toothpaste makes so many promises — Whiter teeth! Remove Plague! Fresh Breath! Sparkling Teeth! Plus, there’s the choice of toothpaste gel, paste or even powder.

    Here are Dr. William Brown’s tips for finding the best toothpaste.


    Scientists and dentists discovered that fluoride works wonders to strengthen enamel and help protect from tooth decay. When you’re on the toothpaste aisle, look at the back at some of the toothpaste boxes. You’ll find that each brand and variety might have a different type and concentration of fluoride. If you don’t have a sensitivity to fluoride, you should buy a toothpaste with it in it.

    What to Look For in Fluoride Toothpastes

    The most basic fluoride is called fluoride ion and it usually is included in toothpastes, sometimes at 0.15 percent. It is an active fluoride that helps fight cavities. Fluoride in toothpastes can range from around 0.10 percent to 0.22 percent to 0.312 percent.

    Besides fluoride ion, another fluoride is stannous fluoride. In the United States, it can be found in Crest Pro Health toothpastes. Some research has found that stannous fluoride is more effective than sodium fluoride.

    Dr. Brown personally uses Crest Pro Health toothpastes and has samples of it at his North Kansas City Family & Cosmetic Dental Care. He is not endorsing it and recommends that you try different toothpastes until you find what is the best toothpaste for you.

    Other Advantages of Stannous Fluoride

    Stannous Fluoride has been found to help reduce gum tissue inflammation, also known as gingivitis. It is also microbial and causes less acid in your mouth. What does that mean? Stannous fluoride is the better toothpaste for those who suffer from dry mouth.

    What About the Other Ingredients in Toothpaste?

    Besides fluoride, you also want to look for toothpastes that includes abrasives and/or enzymes that work to remove debris on teeth and peel off surface stains. These are pretty standard in toothpastes. To help remove built-up plaque, look for these ingredients: pyrophosphates, triclosan and zinc citrate. Triclosan has also been shown in studies to reduce gingivitis and calculus.

    Will Flavored Toothpaste Cause Tooth Decay?

    No! Flavored toothpastes do not include sugar.

    The Best Toothpaste

    Cue the drumbeat …. Dr. Brown uses and recommends Crest Pro Health toothpastes with stannous fluoride. But he is not endorsing the product and suggests you try different toothpastes — but make sure the read the labels — until you find the best toothpaste for you.

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